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How Adopting a Pet Can Benefit Your Family


You might not be thinking that adopting a pet from a local shelter or humane league location could improve your work-life balance and enhance family time, but often, including a dog or cat in your domesticity has long-term positives that work at home moms and other busy heads of households can consider. Here are some of the ways that having a pet can brighten your day, beyond the basic value of companionship that drives lots of people to adopt pets.

Teaching Kids Responsibility

Having a pet is a great way to train your children in how to be responsible for another living creature. This kind of skill will really help them as they grow older. Pets are an unique option for providing this kind of experience for your kids. As they feed, exercise and otherwise take care of cats or dogs, children grow their ability to take proactive control of their environment, and that's one reason why lots of parents look at adding adopted pets to their households.

Functional Value in the Home

One reason that cats and dogs are the conventional choices for pet adoption is that each of these animals plays a specific role in a home. Cats are desirable anywhere that mice or rodents have access to the home or outbuildings. Many breeds of dogs are great for protecting a home from intruders. Families often consider these "animal jobs" as part of the motivation to adopt a cat or dog from a shelter.

Health Benefits of Adopting Pets

Major studies have shown that having cats or dogs around can help with stress reduction, which is an important part of modern life. This is especially important for work at home moms or others who need some variation in their days at the home office, and the evenings spent in the same home environment. Stress reduction is linked to decreased hypertension, or healthier blood pressure levels, as well as other physical benefits. Think about how pets can help you enjoy your days and lighten the atmosphere in your home.

Adding to the "Family Portrait"

Especially for a smaller family, animals can be a way to enlarge the relationships and activity within a home. In some cases, this means giving kids incentive to go outside. For other work at home moms who want more activity in their homes, a cat or dog provides that extra touch to a lovely family home.

These are just some of the primary reasons that families choose to include pets in their lives. Adopting pets also helps brighten the lives of the many dogs and cats who need homes on a regular basis, rather than encouraging the often shady practices of breeders who produce a "surplus" to sell to pet stores or directly to owners. Think about pet adoption as part of your strategy for making your home (and your home office) a better place.

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