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You Know You Have Small Children When...

by Christine Louise Hohlbaum We have no idea how our lives will change once we have children. Then, we

Working from Home with a Toddler

by Alice Seba You're about to start your own home business, so you can stay home with your young child.

When the Displaced Corporate Woman Goes Home

by Susan Dunn, MA, Emotional Intelligence Coach & Consultant Once upon a time there were what were

When Working From Home Can Work For Your Family

by Myrna Beth Haskell When acquaintances hear that I have an office at home, the typical response is,

Sid, Katie and Business as Usual

By Judy Wogoman We used to have playful black Lab named Sid. His favorite game was "break the chain and


By Cheryl Gochnauer [email protected] Copyright 2001 Once upon a time, there was a fair princess

Patriotic Candle Jar

Designed by Amanda Formaro Need some fun centerpieces for this summer's get togethers? Why not this patriotic

Caring for Your Children's Kids

By Cheryl Gochnauer Copyright 2003 There was a time not so long ago when stay-at-home moms were ignored

Balancing your Home Business Priorities with your Family's Needs

Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy Operating a home business is

4 Tips for Hiring Family Members for Your Home Business

For many of the work-at-home moms and others who are starting a business from the ground up, it is very

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