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By Cheryl Gochnauer Copyright 1999 Lying at the bottom of my chest of drawers, hidden away from inquisitive

Shed Your Clothes

By Vicki Todd I wear many hats: Mother, Wife, Writer, Cook, and, the latest addition, Scientist. Under

Say Bye-Bye to Burnout: Special Tips for Moms

by Susie Michelle Cortright I'm about to tell you a fundamental secret to preventing and treating mommy

Rebel Housewife Tattoo

by Sherri Caldwell What does a Rebel Housewife do for her 35th birthday? Life might be half over at this


by Rhoberta Shaler, PhD There's a good reason why we call it a vacation. It's the time that we set aside

Play Ball To Get Fit

by Lynn Bode Chances are if you've stepped foot in a gym or watched a television fitness program in the

Pets At Work...At Home?!?

by Dan Reinhold Have you seen newspaper articles and TV news show spots about people bringing their pets

Paying it Forward

by Catie Hayes of Some days you have to wonder if there is any decency left in the world;

Overcoming Exercise Excuses

by Lynn Bode You've told yourself dozens of times that tomorrow you are going to start exercising. Yet,

Painting Concrete Floors

Copyright © 2004, Pamela Cole Harris Home and Garden

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