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By Vicki Todd Now click your fingers and tap your feet and sing this little ditty with a heartfelt beat

Spring Clean Your Life

by Kathy Gates, Professional Life Coach Our minds are much like our homes. They

Soapbox - Living Outside Time

by Catie Hayes of I remember spending each summer, as a child, in a rented cottage in

Simple Indulgences for March

by Susie Cortright Here is a series of simple, quick, and affordable indulgences

Simple Indulgences for Summertime

by Susie Cortright Nurture your mind, body and soul with these warm-weather treats.

Small Changes Can Make a Difference In Finding Time To Work Out

By Raelynn Coombs Are you trying to take off a few pounds? Maybe you just want to have more energy and

Soapbox - Bill of Rights For Former Nice Girls

by Catie Hayes of In keeping with the start of a new year, I thought it only fitting to

Should I stay home or go back to work? How about both?

Growing numbers of Moms are choosing home based businesses. by Kathy Cooper. Women multi-task, it is

Seeing Your Own Beauty

By Dionna Sanchez Body weight, clothes, hair, makeup - these are constant issues in the lives of women.

Seven Steps To Change Your Life

by Kimberly Fulcher The quality of your life is directly related to your standards. A standard is a personal

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