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Speak Up for Yourself: Create and Communicate Boundaries

by Kimberly Fulcher Do you have internal rules about how you expect the people in your life to treat

Seven Tips to Accomplishing More Every Day of Your Life!

by Bill Nieporte After complaining that I had "too little time" to do all the things that "needed to

January Breakdown

By Sherri Caldwell "Happy New Year!" "What?! No, I'm not ready!" I know it's January 15th, but I'm still

How to Stay Focused on Your Home Business Goals

Copyright © 2003, Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

Finding Time; Tips for Gaining 2 Hours Each Day

by Colleen Langenfeld Would you be interested in finding two extra hours each day in your schedule? Here

Family Journals

By Doreene Clement [email protected] Keeping a journal cannot only be

Fighting the Pregnancy Blahs

by Lee-Anne Robert Most pregnant woman experience the pregnancy blahs. I can remember feeling so big

Dreams and Desires, Wants and Wishes Journals

By Doreene Clement [email protected] Have you ever dreamed of a new house?

Customized School or Kitchen Center

By Brenda Hyde Bulletin boards of any size can be expensive, as well as cork boards tiles. A helpful

CLUTTER'S SIDE EFFECTS: How the State of Your Home Affects Your Life

by Stephanie Roberts Each area of your home has a symbolic meaning with which you resonate on a subconscious

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