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Home Business Opportunity: Private LSAT Tutor


With around 150,000 students per year taking the LSAT exam, becoming a private LSAT tutor has strong potential. Private LSAT tutoring is a sound home business opportunity if you have taken the LSAT test, graduated from law school or practiced law.

LSAT Tutor Training

Unless you already have experience teaching or tutoring, consider taking a tutor training course at your local college or an online training program designed specifically for LSAT tutors. The courses will bring you up to date on current testing materials and preparatory methods that will be most effective in helping your students succeed on their LSAT exams. Training will also help you gain the confidence you will need to succeed in your private tutoring business.

Create a Business Plan

Before you begin offering your private tutoring services, you need a business plan. The business plan helps you identify your goals for the business. You will budget your start-up costs, detail your promotional strategy, identify your funding sources and research your target market. Fortunately, your target market is obvious: undergraduate students who intend to go to law school. All you need to do is put yourself out in front of them, and find ways to make your LSAT tutor business stand out.

Price Your Service

Most private tutors charge by the hour or offer a short study course in order to prepare their students for the LSAT exam. Decide how you want to structure your private tutoring service and then decide on pricing. Resist the temptation to price yourself low, just to attract potential customers. The students may question the quality of your service if you charge too little. Depending on where you live, a good place to start is $20 to $25 per hour. From there, you can offer discounts and promotions to the first number of students that sign up for your study course, or post coupons on university bulletin boards. A fair price makes both you and your students feel more comfortable about the benefits received.

Use the Internet to Market Your LSAT Tutor Business

There are a variety of ways to promote your private tutoring business online. You can build a simple, yet professional, website that outlines the services you provide, the methods employed and your rates. You can create a blog to write about all things pertaining to the LSAT, if you are so inclined. Post classified ads on free websites like Craigslist to reach your local community via the internet. Also, list your private tutoring business with several online tutor directories. The website (for potential graduate students) offers a free listing to private LSAT and GMAT tutors. The website is a database of tutors that matches tutors with student leads for a small fee. Other private tutor directories charge a monthly subscription fee that gives you a listing, as well as access to leads and tutoring forums.

Undergraduates in your community with goals of attending law school are looking for an LSAT tutor to help them achieve their goals. With the proper knowledge and training, private tutoring can be potentially lucrative, as well as personally rewarding.

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