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Home Business Ideas: Yard Clean Up


Everyone likes a clean yard, and therefore, creating a yard clean up business can thrive in populated areas. Homeowners are busy and could always use some help around the house, and that includes the yard. Typically, yards need to be raked in the summer and fall. They need sticks picked up and discarded and may need grass clippings removed. Some may need rocks removed or storm damage cleaned up. The needs of the yard often depend on the number of trees and the size of the yard.

Creating a Spring or Fall Service Package

The times that most homeowners are thinking about yard clean up is often in the fall and spring. In the fall, they have trees, leaves and dead flowers in the yard that need to be cleaned up. They may also have extra foliage that they want cut back for the winter. In the spring, they may want seeds planted or old plants pulled out and replaced.

By creating these packages, you can take advantage of the seasonal work that needs to be done in yards that are otherwise taken care of by the owners. You can also get solid repeat business each time that season rolls around again. Be sure to advertise for these services a couple of weeks before they will be needed. 

Creating Monthly Packages

Like lawn maintenance, you will have yard clean up customers who want a regularly scheduled service. They may opt for a clean up once a month or even once a week. These repeat customers can either be locked into a contract for a set number of months or they can go on a month-to-month basis. For contract services, you generally charge monthly for the life of the contract. For month-to-month services, you can charge each time you perform the service or at the beginning of each month. 

Combining Clean up and Other Services

Once you get your yard clean up established, you may decide to add other services into the mix. In the typical yard, there are a number of extra services that can make things easier for the homeowner. Most homes have trees that periodically need trimming. Many also have at least one flower garden that could use some maintenance year round, including mulching and deadheading (cutting away dead flowers). If weed eating isn't one of your normal services, you might consider that as well. Sweeping porches, power spraying driveways and other outdoor tasks can all be combined with yard clean up.


Because all of your business is local, using fliers in the areas where you want business is one of the most effective ways to drum up business. The fliers should specify the types of services that you have to offer and provide a phone number for inquiries. For this type of business, it isn't necessary to put a price on the fliers. The price will come down to what each customer needs done. You may also decide to include business cards that provide still more ways to contact you.

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