Home Business Ideas: Tarot Reader


If you have a passion for tarot cards, being a tarot reader may be in your future. Reading tarot cards is a skill that can take time to master, but once you learn everything you need, you will be able to provide readings indefinitely. And, you can do it all in your own home. 

Learn the Tarot Cards

To be able to give professional readings, you will need to know what each card means. The meansings of each card are an important thing to master because you will need to be able to interpret the meaning of each card as it relates to each client. If you are looking up the meaning of each card as you give a reading, you may not have many repeat clients and your word of mouth may not be very positive. After all, if your clients wanted the each card meaning looked up, they could simply buy a tarot card book and do their own readings.

Remember to learn the meaning of each card as it is chosen; this means learning the meaning for an upside-down card as well as a right-side-up card. The meanings are sometimes opposite, but that is not always the case. Never cut corners on learning card meanings.

Learn Several Reading Techniques

There are so many ways to conduct a tarot card reading. Each client that you have as a tarot reader will want something different. Some will want the answer to a single question while others will want a full reading to answer many questions that they have about life. You may want to learn two or three full reading techniques and a few short-answer reading methods for those who want specific questions answered. 

Create a Tarot Reading Location

You will need a space in your home to conduct readings that is separate from your other spaces. A spare bedroom or a den that can be arranged around tarot readings are good places for readings. The room will need a table and two or three comfortable chairs. A card table is generally big enough for readings. 

Some readers like to play up the metaphysical aspects of being a tarot reader, putting tapestries on the wall, sun and moon symbols around the room and perhaps candles and incense. While some readers may prefer this atmosphere for creating a professional image, none of that is necessary if you don't want it. Any clean, quiet room will be fine. 

Get the Word Out

Finding tarot reading clients may be the most challenging part of the business. You may need to advertise in the local paper or even on local TV stations to get those first clients. Also, look for alternative newspapers in the area. Leave business cards at yoga studios and metaphysical stores. You may also want to start a website that describes your rates and the services that you provide. With plenty of good readings under your belt, you will benefit from word of mouth and repeat customers to keep your business going.

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