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Home Business Ideas: Massage Therapy


Message therapy is a sought-after service for many types of people. From those with too much stress to those with sports-related injuries, there are a number of people who seek out massage therapy to make themselves feel better. Going into the massage therapy business is a lucrative practice that can be done from the comfort of your own home. However, there are often requirements that must be met before you can begin this business.

Massage Training and Licensing

Giving a massage is a therapeutic act, and it does require training in order to practice it correctly. The amount of training that you will need will vary with your state or region. It may require you to take a one or more massage courses and to become certified in massage therapy. If you don't know what your training and licensing requirements are in your area, you can call the local courthouse for information. You can also call a massage therapist in your area and ask about the required training and where to go to get it.

Make sure to look into the various training options in your area to ensure that you are attending a training program that is right for you. Each training program will have its own philosophy and its own slant, and you will get more out of a program that is similar to your own ideas.

Practicing the Art of Massage

If you have not yet practiced massage professionally, you will want as much hands on experience as possible before setting up a professional practice. Once you have your training, it shouldn't be hard to find volunteers for a free massage. Ask friends, co-workers, neighbors and family members if they'd like to have a free massage. Ask them about the experience and use their comments to perfect your technique. You may also get some future customers from these massages.

Setting up a Massage Practice at Home

To set up a massage therapy business at home, you will need a room dedicated to the business. It must be large enough to hold a larger and comfortable massage table as well as towels and other supplies you will need. A massage bed, a chest of drawers to hold supplies and a sink for hand washing are the ideal items to have in the massage room. Many massage therapists also use soft music to set a mood of relaxation. Make sure that you can work uninterrupted when it's time for a client's massage.  

Marketing Your Massage Business

To be successful in massage therapy, you need a steady stream of clients. To find them, you will have to advertise in some form. Advertising can be done in the local paper or by making fliers and putting them up in gyms and other local businesses. It's also a good idea to make up business cards and to hand them out to the people you meet. You never know who may need a therapeutic massage. And, with repeat customers and good word of mouth, you can soon have a steady clientele.

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