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Home Business Ideas: Jewelry Design


If you're a fun and crafty individual looking for a lucrative home-based business, jewelry design may be right up your alley.  Unlike other work at home business opportunities, jewelry design doesn't require years of experience or a huge financial investment. Whether you want to startup your own company or work for someone else, here are a few tips on how to succeed in the jewelry design business.

Training and Certification

You don't need to go to school to design and create beautiful jewelry. However, taking classes in a variety of different jewelry making techniques will help you improve your skills and help you sell more pieces. You can find classes at your local bead or craft stores. They are relatively inexpensive. If you can't swing 30 dollars, you can find video tutorials on youtube and other places on the web. If you're looking to work for a small business owner, having some classes under your belt will make you a more attractive job candidate.


You'll never make a six-figure income selling jewelry on your own behalf or for someone else. Since you get paid for each piece you produce, a lot of what you earn depends on how much money you use in production. If you are using higher-end materials, you need to sell your items for a higher price in order to turn a profit. Do your research and make sure you price your pieces correctly.

How to Find a Job

If you're interested in jewelry design, but don't feel like you know enough to go into business for yourself, you might want to work for someone else. Go to craft fairs and find artisans and talk to them. You can also look for a job at a local bead store. Most bead stores require you to make jewelry as you work. So you get to practice your technique and have access to discounted materials and tools.


If you're running you own home-based jewelry business, it's essential to advertise in order to turn your hobby into a profitable business venture. Use friends and family to help get the word out about your products. Make some great pieces to give your friends, and arm them with business cards that they can hand out. Have a jewelry making product where you sell your pieces and teach basic jewelry making techniques. Create a simple, yet professional website to advertise your business. Utilize social networks like facebook and myspace to generate buzz about your business.

Pros and Cons

As with any home-based business, jewelry design comes with its advantages and disadvantages. The biggest plus is that you get to make money and explore your creativity at the same time. However, it can be difficult to make money from your jewelry. In tough financial times, many people aren't willing to pay top dollar - even for superb craftsmanship. You have to be able to produce your work inexpensively and be able to manufacture a lot of product, in order to make a significant profit.

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