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Home Business Ideas: Garden Design


For some work-at-home moms or other business people who have green thumbs, garden design is at the top of the list for building a service-based business from the ground up. If you have a flair for all things horticultural, you might be interested in ramping up an idea for work as a garden design consultant, where expertise in landscaping can get you a well-paying role helping clients improve the look of their homes or properties.

Tools of the Trade

Assuming you have built up some experience in gardening and general landscaping, you'll have some idea of what's most often needed to make a garden design prosper. In lots of cases, potential clients may want you to actually be involved in landscaping or gardening as a design consultant. That's why it's good to have some of the most necessary tools and equipment in the vehicle you use to go to consulting appointments. Collect anything you think you will need as a part of your startup overhead, to solidify the idea of your consulting role.

Pursuing Certifications or Degrees

A whole lot of the entrepreneurs who decide to go into garden design didn't originally study this concept in school. You might have a completely different degree that doesn't have anything to do with gardening, but getting some quick certifications or pursuing a secondary degree will almost generally improve your status with existing clients and other prospective clients. Today, some big universities are offering specialized and less intensive horticultural programs for those who just need some additional training, but who also need to get out in the work environment rather than spending years studying horticulture. Look for the programs and courses that suit your needs.

Promoting Your Garden Design Business

Just like with any other kind of business, a lot of the promotion of your garden design company will probably be visual. Some startup business owners like to use a conventional technique but add their own innovative touches. You might print out a large set of business cards and distribute them according to your best local promotion strategy, using appealing graphic design ideas to get your name associated with all things green and bring in clients. You might also want to use public event marketing, online promotions or other routes to advertise your new business.

Additional Services

If you are into garden design consultant for property owners, think about adding some side certifications and services for green building. Getting a LEED certification, for example, could diversify your business into a general "Greening and Gardening" role that can help you stand out from the crowd by offering joint building design and garden design services. Diversifying your role can be a way to get more clients, especially at the beginning of your business enterprise.

Accounting for Your Garden Design Company

Again, a garden design business is like other types of businesses in some basic ways. One of these is the critical step of looking at your projected costs versus revenue. Business people do this on a regular basis, not just for tax purposes, but to figure out how to make a profit rather than sinking lots of money into something that won't offer a substantial return. It might help to build spreadsheets of your projected expenses and revenues and study them well in order to chart the future of your business step-by-step.

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