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Home-Based Employment: Skin Care Consultant


For decades, women have benefited from self-employment in the part-time business of skin care consultations, helping other women find the right combination of skin-care products to enhance the health and appearance of their skin. Representing established cosmetic names such as Avon and Mary Kay, as well as newer companies such as Avalla and Arbonne, afford women the opportunity to generate home-based income while being their own boss.

What a Skin Care Consultant Does

To manage her skin as successfully as she can, a woman must be knowledgeable about it. She must be familiar with her skin type, understand her particular skin's needs, and know how to best control her trouble areas. It's a skin care consultant's job to answer these questions for her client. The most important ingredient of the success of a work-from-home skin care consultant is the ability to provide the appropriate products to meet a client's needs. A consultant achieves this through one-on-one consultations, hosting product-centered "parties," and facilitating the recruitment of other consultants.

Find the Company Right for You

There are many options to consider in selecting the company whose products you would like to represent as a consultant. You may choose one of the classic but ever-evolving companies like Mary Kay and Avon. These companies carry the advantage of a recognized name. Or you may be more inclined to newer skin-care lines such as Arbonne, who attract customers with organic ingredient lists and environmentally-conscious product lines. Whichever line you pick to represent should fit who you are and reflect the kind of client you see yourself interacting with. Clients in a retirement village may prefer the comfort of a time-tested name, where as a more cutting edge product-line might sell well in a college town.

Getting Started

Most skin care product lines require a start-up fee, averaging $100, from their consultants. Many also require sponsorship from existing consultants. If you don't know an existing consultant personally, you can usually find one through a company's website. Although it is an option to earn a cosmetology certification, most sell-from-home cosmetic companies only require their consultants to learn their craft from provided literature and videos. Consultants can set their own hours, and decide individually how much time they will be able to devote to their consulting and sales.


Skin care consultants generally make their profits off a percentage of commission from the products they sell, and from the profits of the sellers under them. Some of the most popular and recognized cosmetic companies sell their products through multi level marketing. This means consultants make a larger profit when they recruit new consultants for the company. In the interest of a larger sales reach, it is increasingly popular to host "parties" for potential clients. These gatherings of potential buyers usually involve free product demonstrations and make-overs. It is the hope of the consultant/ host not just to entertain her guests, but to introduce them to skin care products they might want to purchase, or even represent. The more items sold and more consultants recruited, the higher the profit.

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