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Home and Garden Party: A WAHM's Guide


Home and Garden Party, a sector of Celebrating Home and Home Interiors and Gifts, was started in 1996 by husband and wife team Penny and Steve Carlile. Their mission was to "create a business where women could obtain the 'American Dream' by bringing families and friends together through their entertaining and decorating accessories." As a Home and Garden Party Designer, you are given the opportunity to provide for your family or earn a supplemental income through your personal sells of the company's products--all of which pertain to the enhancement of the home, both interior and exterior, as well as gourmet cooking products.

Starting out as a Home and Garden Party Designer

Becoming your own boss by starting out as a Home and Garden Party designer requires the purchase of a starter kit of your choice for $149. Each kit contains product samples to display and share with potential customers, catalogs, invitations for parties, training DVDs, order forms, and instructional information to help you on your journey to success. The kits vary from cooking and traditional home products to classic decor. You must sign up under a current Home and Garden Party designer. If you do not know anyone in the business personally, you can refer to the company website and search for designers within your area. Aside from your kit, you won't have to worry about receiving and managing any inventory. Once you receive your kit, you may begin scheduling parties and earning a part time or full time income.

Compensation as a Home and Garden Party Designer

As a Home and Garden Party designer, you'll be earning 30-45% commissions on the sells of company products, such as gourmet foods, beautiful candles, framed art pieces, trendy home decor and entertainment accessories through in-home parties, catalog and online sales, as well as through fundraisers. You are paid 30% after each party and 10% on the 15th of each month. Additionally, you'll earn sponsoring bonuses and override commissions as you advance in your career and become an executive with a sales team under you.

Thriving as a Home and Garden Party Designer

To truly thrive as a designer for Home and Garden Party, you should focus on booking parties to gain sales and raise interest in joining your team. Making sure your catalogs are getting into the right hands is also beneficial. Product sales and sign-ons will lead to further benefits for you, along the lines of promotions within the company, fabulous incentives and trips, and generous amounts of free products for your enjoyment.

Is It for You?

If you enjoy getting together with other women, are passionate about home decor and are comfortable selling products, then Home and Garden Party could equal a great opportunity for you. You will find it easy to talk about the company's products when you use them in your own home. A love of interior design is also helpful, as you can be of help to others in determining what will best suit their homes. While you may set your own hours, you should be flexible to meet the needs of those who contact you to book a party.

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