Heritage Makers: A WAHM's Guide


Heritage Makers is a company that was founded in 2005. This company works to bring families together by offering them a very unique product. They combine their client's photographs and personalized writing to create a customized storybook that preserves memories. Since every family has a different story to tell, Heritage Makers is a one of a kind publishing company that creates hardbound books and several other projects for their clients to help them publish and cherish their own stories.

Starting out as a Heritage Makers Consultant

At present, the company only accepts applicants residing in US and Canada, and before becoming a registered consultant, you are required to furnish a few details. Once you have all your personal information, simply fill out the form online and choose the type of kit you would like to use. A new consultant essentials kit is available at a price of $149.95 and includes a welcome pack, a training pack, a samples pack, supplies pack, and credits and coupons. The business kit is a more detailed kit that's available for a price of $279.95.

The documents required include:

  • Your bank name
  • Your account number
  • The bank's routing number
  • The name of the account holder
  • SSN for US residents 
  • SIN for Canadian residents

Compensation as a Heritage Makers Consultant

As a consultant you earn a standard 20 percent commission on everything that you sell. Besides this, if your clients renew their membership, you earn membership renewal rewards and trail commissions. New sales consultants earn $350 on an average by selling products in workshops, while experienced consultants earn on an average $500 for working in different workshops.

Thriving as a Heritage Makers Consultant

If you choose to manage a team of consultants, you could also qualify for bonuses based on the sales made by your team. Since the company allows you to participate in performance pools, you can even earn 1 share of the monthly cash performance pool if you reach a sales goal of more than $2000. The average worth of each share is $200. After you become a consultant, you will be given your own website to manage your clients. This will help you meet and exceed your personal career goals.

Is It for You?

Since the company has many business opportunities, you can become a consultant and earn income by working from home, either full or part time. Since it's a work from home opportunity, you get to fix your own hours of work and determine the amount of income you want to make each month. You can either work online, in person, on the go, or at different workshops. If you haven't worked as a sales consultant before, you can get all the necessary training by looking up their extensive library of online tutorials, classes and leadership courses. You could also use their virtual office to better manage your business.

Noteworthy Information

In 2009, Heritage Makers was featured on Inc. 500's list of the fastest growing private companies in America and ranked number 9 in the Consumer Services and Product category.

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