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Having More Kids: How to Know If It's Right for You


One question that most married couples have to face at some point in their lives is whether having more kids is a good decision. If you're considering growing your family, you'll want to be sure that you're properly prepared to make additions to your home before you become pregnant or plan to add another member. Keep the following things in mind before you do.


One of the major concerns that you should keep in mind is finances. It costs a lot to have an additional child, regardless of how old your other children are. Be sure that you're financially set up to support another family member.


It's vitally important that you have the time necessary to dedicate to your children. Consider your career and work as well as your other obligations, and be sure that you'll have the time to dedicate yourself fully to your new child. This is especially true for babies, who require much more time than older children.


Evaluate your living situation. Do you have the room in your home for an additional family member? If not, are you able and willing to adjust your living situation to accommodate a new child?

Health Factors

As parents get older, the risks of becoming pregnant increase substantially. Consider your own age and health status before you think of having another child. Make sure that you're healthy enough to reasonably expect to be able to raise your child until she leaves the home and that your age doesn't contribute to risk factors for your child's health as well.

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