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Gold Canyon Candles: A WAHM's Guide

Gold Canyon Candles started out as a passionate dream of Curt and Karen Waisath, which started right from their own kitchen. This dream was creating the company which is now called Gold Canyon Candles. In 1997, the dream began with one scented candle and became a huge success. Karen started this business in her home, so that she could work and still be home with her children. What Karen discovered was that people from all over the world loved her scented candles, and wanted to earn a living like her, making their own scented candles.

The Gold Canyon Candles initially made one candle, but grew into 26 different scents and 4 different sizes of candles. What has made this company so successful is remaining true to their original recipe including: demonstrators who have a passion for making candles, people who have perfected their skills in candle making and wonderfully fragrant candles, which are still individually tested to make sure they remain the world's greatest candles. Now, there are thousands of people enjoying the same dream that Karen has, being successful and working from their own home.


If this wonderful opportunity appeals to you, the way to get started is to call an Independent Distributor in your area; they can help you get started. There is a start up fee required. A good way to test to see if this is something you would enjoy doing is to purchase the sample kit which starts at $74.97, that has a retail value of $155. If you know that this is what you would like to do, you can purchase the demonstrator's kit for $149.97, that has a retail value of $385. Because a lot of people are struggling with the economy right now, Gold Canyon Candles is offering a stimulus kit with a start-up cost of only $20. Monthly specials are even offered for demonstrators.


There are many ways that a distributor can be compensated through Gold Canyon Candles. If you like the idea of making instant cash, doing parties is the way to earn 36% of your sales. The more parties you book, the more money you make. Non-party sales pay 25% of the sale. Distributor's are paid on the tenth of each month, directly into their bank account or by check, however you choose to be paid (provided you have made the minimum 10 dollar amount in your account). The amount of money you can make depends upon how much effort you put into selling the product. The average earnings are $185 for every $700  worth of products you sell. Demonstrators also earn free products when they get to a certain level, and win free vacation incentives for having the most sales every year.


People who have decided to do this for a career are trained on the many ways to sell the product which include: starting a website, sending out e-newsletters, distributing catalogs, showing samples or by using one of the fantastic fund raising programs that Gold Canyon Candles has to offer. The fund raising programs actually offer you a way to make more money, with less work. So, if you really want to boost your income, try getting into the fund raising part of the business, along with the other methods of selling. Combining one or all of the different selling methods allows you to make more money and have more success with Gold Canyon Candles.

Is It for You?

Gold Canyon Candles is a great opportunity for stay-at-home parents. You are able to do something that you enjoy and provide either extra money or an income for your family. The freedom to work as little or as much as you want, according to your wishes and desires, is what makes this such a unique opportunity. Some schools and charity groups also just use the fundraising aspect for when they need money for their programs. But, as so many parent's testimonies have stated, the most wonderful thing about Gold Canyon Candles is how it allows them to spend the quality time with their children, instead of being away all day working for someone else.

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