Gano Excel: A WAHM's Guide


A 1995 born Malaysia based company specializing in health, Gano Excel is a direct selling global company that manufactures and distributes a great range of products -- from food supplements to personal care, to beverages, to skin care and household products. Started under the leadership of Leow Soon Seng, Lew Soon Kiak and Ooi Kheng Seng, the company today owns the biggest Ganoderma organic plantation in the world. Ganoderma, a particular type of mushroom found in Asia, is known for its medicinal properties that include minimizing fatigue, improving immune system, increasing stamina and so on. Nutritious beverage Gano Cafe is one of the famous products of the company.

Gano Excel has its own Research and Development and manufacturing units that provide quality products to its members, close to a million and to individual distributors worldwide.

Starting Out as a Gano Distributor

Individual distributors who are into direct sales of Gano products are the backbone of the company. If you are an enthusiastic go-getter, you can become a Gano distributor. You will be your own boss; you can determine your own working hours and make money.

You can become an associate by simply submitting an affiliate application or by enrolling through the company website. At $25, you will get your membership. Gano Excel will provide you training before you start the business. Once you set your foot firm, you can even recruit your own teams to carry out the business. The company helps members with sponsoring others and servicing teams of marketers in their MLM business group. You can also choose the company's Executive Success Pack (ESP) options which give you enough inventories to do your business and to earn out of it.

The company's direct sales option allows you to buy product using your distributor account at a wholesale price and later sell the product at a retail price.

Compensation as a Distributor for Gano Excel

You just have to put some best marketing strategies forward to stay in this business and financial gain will be daily affair. You will be exposed to five different ways of making money through Gano Excel: directs sales, fast start bonus, team commissions, check match bonus and pool bonuses.

As a distributor, you need to have two people on your primary level and the rest of the members go under that level. You have to keep increasing the levels. But the thing to be noted is that, you will not be getting paid based on the number of levels you have made but based on the purchase volume generated. You can also know more about the compensation plan through the company website. Through Gano Excel, you have the earning potential of $500 to $15,000 as you climb the ladder.

Thriving as a Gano Distributor

Joining Gano Excel will not guarantee you success unless you apply your heart and brains into it. You should have the ability to sponsor new members, market the products and teach your business partner to do the same. If you can do this, you can stay for a long time in the Gano market and make good money out of it. People join your team and thus your network grows, so you should be the right guide for them.

Is It for You?

If you are passionate about Gano products and you think you can attract more members to your team and sell the products, then Gano Excel is for you.

Noteworthy Information

Due to its great medicinal benefits and the absence of any side effects, Ganoderma has been named as the ultimate herbal substance.


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