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Fun Workout Programs for the Entire Family


While nicer weather is often ideal, any time of year is a great time to start many kinds of family workout programs. In fact, getting into a routine is one of the better ways to commit to the best fitness available for you and your family. From working out in the backyard to the park or beach, there are many affordable programs to design and choose from. Begin by designing a plan and making a commitment to exercise regularly. Put together a schedule and keep to it.

Get Organized

Ensure that everyone understands the importance of fitness and how it relates to overall health. Have a family meeting to discuss future fitness goals. Make sure to emphasize that by doing activities together, you will be able to bond as a family and get healthy in the process. Once you tackle the time commitment element, it will be easier to sustain an effective exercise regimen.

Schedule time that includes activities such as a half hour walk around the neighborhood. Coordinate running errands and visiting stores, the library and other community centers. Use the exercise time in connection with as many other neighborhood activities as possible. This will make exercise a lot more fun, and it will be easier to encourage your children to participate.

Design a well-rounded fitness regimen to provide variety. For example, aerobic activity like running or bicycling is good for the heart and resistance training is critical for a balanced program, so include many types of activities in your fitness regimen.

Outdoor Activities

Enjoy the seasons like autumn, spring and summer with walking, bicycling, jogging, hiking, playing tennis, football, basketball, baseball or other outdoor sports. Explore the beaches and parks in your area. Find bike paths in the woods or around a lake to use.

Find out about your local community center's social events. Join teams for softball leagues and other sports. Often, there is something that the whole family can participate in.

Indoor Activities

For times when the weather makes it difficult to get outside, use free exercise videos or DVDs from the library. This can create a double reason to visit one of the best free resources that your community has to offer. Pick up books on exercise to encourage and teach your family about fitness. Watch the videos or DVDs together to study form and technique. Make a game out of the activity. Offer prizes for those who exceed goals.

Visit centers that offer fitness studios with classes for dance, rock climbing and kid's camps. Oftentimes, there are indoor and outdoor aquatic centers featuring classes and water slides with children's play areas and lap pools. Find out about swim classes, diving, scuba and kayaking for exciting varieties of exercise for all skill levels and ages. Entice yourself with a treat by visiting relaxing whirlpools after you finish your exercise routine.

Visit your local YMCA, gyms, youth center and clubs to take advantage of specials offered throughout the year. Having a family membership will enable you to have a place to go to exercise during winter months or when the weather doesn't permit you to be outside.

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