For Your Pleasure: A WAHM's Guide


For Your Pleasure is a company that offers home-based jobs, where you get paid by throwing parties. It was first started as an Internet-based selling company, Rainbow Resource. It was later on renamed as For Your Pleasure Inc.

For Your Pleasure Inc. used to sell their products using mail order and Internet-based ordering. During the '90s, its agents had to drag the inventory list to each and every house in order to sell their products. But, after becoming For Your Pleasure Inc., they started building a party plan division, which was hugely successful. The company sells adult toys to increase sexual intimacy.

Starting Out

On the whole, For Your Pleasure Inc. is a fun way to earn money especially for working middle aged or younger women who are looking to have some fun while earning. First, you need to choose the service package option and register yourself on a representative home page. Choose a service kit fitted to your budget and then purchase it. Throw a party at your house, or in a host's house, and start selling the products. It's that easy.

Like other work-from-home opportunities, For Your Pleasure does have many advantages. One of them, of course, is being your own boss. The company operates on the slogan "work smarter and not harder." As you register for their packages, a consultant will train you. The training includes both online and offline training.


One gets to earn 35% of first sales and thereafter 40% from each of the sales. The more shows/parties you host, the more you earn. If you are conducting the program in someone else's house, or someone else is hosting the party, the host expenses are completely carried by the company. The hosts get wonderful hosting gifts from the company as well. For Your Pleasure offers cash bonuses and other bonuses such as vacations as a part of the incentives.


On-going training will help you to achieve the personal goals you set for yourself. Creation of websites, training materials, talks by motivational speakers, etc. is taught in training sessions. The more motivated you are, the more money you will obtain.

Is It for You?

Although this is one of the most unusual and amusing way of making money, one must also keep in mind the audience you are trying to sell the products to. Not all people are open to such products. To flourish in this business, you must be bold and open enough to explain such adult products. Otherwise, you may want to choose less controversial products like lotions, books or videos.

Noteworthy Information

For Your Pleasure parties are mainly conducted to promote adult recreational tools and gadgets. Apart from these, they also sell body lotions, body, spa and wellness products, books, videos, etc. They also sell gag gifts for Bachelorette parties.

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