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Presentation Skills Coaching as a Small Business Idea

Presentation skills coaching is an ideal small business for WAHMs who are into public speaking and who

How to Develop an At-Home Career as a Social Media Specialist

If you're thinking of looking for an at home career job, you might want to try being a social media specialist.

At-Home Career Idea: Give Foreign Language Lessons Online

A great at-home career idea is becoming an online foreign language tutor. If you've mastered other languages

At-Home Career Idea: Court House Researcher

Many work-at-home moms and others pursuing an at home career have looked into the idea of becoming a

Freelance Copywriting as a Home Business Idea

Freelance copywriting is one of the home business ideas that requires a very minimal start-up in terms

Small Business Ideas: Start a Catering Service

One of your small business ideas may be to start a catering business. This type of business can easily

Career Ideas: Is a Bilingual Job Right for You?

Your career ideas may include working at a bilingual job. There are many different jobs where your bilingual

Is Working from Home Right for Your Personality Type?

Your ability to earn a living while working from home has a lot to do with your personality type. Many

Costume Design Business: Working with Overseas or Far Away Buyers

Many times, you may find that some of your costume design business customers are overseas. These customers

Home Business Ideas: Costume Design

Costume design is a fun and profitable way to make a living. Your primary duties are to create clothing

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