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Filtering Freelance Writing Work Scams


Freelance writing work can be a great way to earn some money from the comfort of your home. However, with all the scams flooding the Internet these days, it can be difficult to find legitimate writing jobs. Here are some simple tips to help you identify scams and find real, lucrative freelance writing opportunities.

Search on Reputable Job Boards

When you're looking for freelance jobs, you want to make sure to consult reputable online job boards. Sites like Craigslist may be convenient and accessible, but they are also magnets for con artists. Popular job search engines like Monster require employers to pay a fee for job postings. Therefore, it's more likely that the jobs you encounter on such a site will be from legitimate companies.

Watch Out for Vague Job Descriptions

Employers want to be able to choose from a pool of highly qualified job applicants. Therefore, it is in their best interest to be as detailed as possible when posting job opportunities. The more specific they can be about the requirements and the demands of the job, the more likely they are to weed out unqualified individuals. Avoid job postings that are too vague and don't give you information about the job and what it will entail.

Do Your Research

Before pursuing a freelance writing opportunity, do your homework. Research the company posting the job. Call them, visit their website and check to see if they have any complaints filed with the better business bureau. If you are in contact with a person from the company, ask questions about the organization and the role you would play if hired as a freelancer. If it's a legitimate opportunity, a representative won't have any problems entertaining your questions and giving you as much information as you need.

Be Wary of a Company that Doesn't Require Writing Samples

The job market is highly competitive these days. Employers want to make sure that they are hiring the best candidate for this job. Your potential employer should require you to submit a resume or CV and a sample that demonstrates your writing ability. If your would-be boss doesn't ask about your writing experience and/or ability, it could be a sign that the job is nothing more than a MLM scam.

Don't Pay for Work

A legit employer will never ask you to pay money so that you can work with them. Any opportunity that requires you to pay an upfront fee is a scam. If you are looking for legit opportunities, there are some sites that have comprehensive lists of freelance writing jobs. These sites require a fee, but you should never directly pay an employer to get a job.

Avoid Jobs that Offer Promise Unrealistic Paydays

Freelance writing can be lucrative if you have experience. However, for the entry level freelancer, it can be difficult to make a living with a writer's paycheck. Avoid job ads that offer impossible paydays. You should never expect to make $1000 a week from writing product reviews or how-to articles. If an opportunity sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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