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Fiction Writing: 4 Ideas for Your Next Novel


Fiction writing can be a fun and fulfilling way to earn money. However, fresh novel story ideas seem few and far between as so many writers keep reusing the same basic plots with cliche characters and overused storylines. For a unique story that's sure to please, try one of these fiction ideas.

Idea 1: Based on a True Story

True story novels tend to be unique since they rely on real people instead of cliches. If you or an acquaintance have lived through a time that was interesting or inspiring, you can create a fiction work which is based on that time. The characters are essentially already made for you, with their personalities pre-formed. You can throw in an original character or several original characters of your own to flesh out the story and make it a true work of fiction. Best of all, no matter how the true story ended, you can alter events in your writing to create the world and the ending you desire.

Idea 2: Fantasy Epics

Over all, epic fantasy tales are nothing new. The handsome hero must fight a force of darkness which plans to do something very evil, like take over the world or enslave small children. This force of darkness may or may not be headed by the person who is the handsome hero's father (but the hero doesn't know it until later). Along the way, a beautiful lady captures the hero's heart, and so on, and so on. To break away from the overused mold while still creating an enjoyable fantasy tale is difficult and requires true originality. You can make your story unique by introducing characters which don't fit the stereotypical molds. Also, try making the line between good and evil less clearly defined. In the real world, both sides will feel justified in what they do. Introduce both sides of the justification so your readers can identify with both sides, not just one.

Idea 3: Parody

If you have a talent for sarcasm and dry wit, you can write a work of fiction which parodies over the top fantasy. For instance, heros are stereotypically handsome and mostly perfect, while heroines are beautiful. The hero frequently possesses some other trait, like superhuman reflexes or an instinctive command of magic, that makes him better than everyone else. Make your work so outlandish and epic and overly stereotyped that it can't possibly be taken seriously. Comedy is a hard genre to write, but if you're skilled at it, your readers are sure to appreciate your efforts.

Idea 4: Start From Scratch

If you're still having trouble coming up with a story idea, try this: Come up with three character sheets, right now. Do a quick outline of the person (or elf, dwarf, fairy, etc.) - their personalities, hopes and dreams that other people know about, secret hopes and dreams, physical attributes, age, special talents, and anything else you can think of. Then, think of a setting - any setting. If you were to place the three people you've thought of into this setting, what would happen? In the event of a crisis, how would they react? Let your characters drive the story forward and deal with events realistically. Then, think of an event or series of events which would create a good story, and take it from there.

Any of these ideas may help you come up with a unique and compelling storyline for your next work of fiction.

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