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Features of Legitimate eBay Business Opportunities


Many WAHMS who want to generate some extra income from home, look into ebay business opportunities. Though most people view their ebay business as addtional income, there have been some people who have quit their full time jobs and have focused on selling to ebay customers.

Personal Items Opportunities

Most individuals who sell on ebay, sell items periodically, as if they were having a personal online garage sale. This is a good way to have thousands of customers look over your items and bid on them, and many have found that they can make more than they expected from the "inventory" they had.

However, this would not be considered a legitimate business opportunity, because in most cases, the individual will have lost money from the initial sale when they purchased the item.

In the same way, artists and crafters have found that they can make money selling their items on ebay, though they are not always compensated for their time or the products that they put into their project. Though many artists can sell on ebay and other online business opportunities, they should be careful when placing things up for bid.

Yard Sale Opportunities

Many people research ebay products before going to garage sales, estate sales or thrift shops. Finding things at sales that they think will sell for higher prices on ebay, many people have made a great deal of money.

In order to be successful at the yard sale to ebay selling, one must study not only products, but also buying habits for those products. Though it may be a lot of work at first, after awhile, the buying gets easier and selling is more rewarding.

"Hot Item" Opportunities

At times there are "hot" products that are hard to find. For example, in December 2007, many people wanted to buy the Nintendo Wii as a Christmas present and stores across the United States would sell out of the product in a matter of minutes. Though some of the people purchasing the product from the actual retail store were people legitimately buying for themselves or as gifts, many people were buying the product to sell on ebay and made substantial profits from their sales.

People who are observant and can "buy in" at the right time for these items can make a lot of money. The risk is buying something that is not a "hot item," and therefore will not sell for a profit. It is advisable to save receipts incase the item needs to be returned for the original purchase price.

Wholesale Selling

Some people who have businesses outside of ebay, or have taken the steps to get a wholesale license, purchase things for wholesale and then sell them for a profit on ebay. Though this is a good way to make money, legal issues could be a problem if the proper steps have not been taken with both ebay and the state. It is good to check with ebay's terms and conditions and any state laws about selling wholesale items online before venturing into an ebay wholesale business.

Though getting started on ebay can be time consuming and requires a lot of research, if done correctly, it can be rewarding and even fun.

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