Fantasy Inc: A WAHM Business Guide


Fantasy Inc, another WAHM business alternative, is an online retailer of lingerie, sex toys and other sensual products that you can use to encourage or bring romance and passion into your life. Established in 1981, they have also been the provider for fun home shows for decades. Through these lingerie parties and sex toy parties, Fantasy Inc will ensure that guests will be "tastefully educated on fun and easy ways to put passion back into romance and spark back into your sex life, all in the privacy of your home."

As a Romance Specialist, you will be on hand to organize games and show your guests the wide range of Fantasy Inc's products. As a Fantasy Inc. Hostess you will invite the guests to your home party, collect orders from those who cannot attend, coordinate with your Fantasy Inc Distributor with regards to your guest list and orders, send out reminders, and prepare refreshments.

Starting Out

As a Fantasy, Inc. Hostess, you only need to round up at least four of your friends, co-workers, relatives and other contacts, and invite them to your home party. You need to be 21 years or older, and fill out the online form for booking a party by filling out the details and some of your personal information. You can also opt to directly join Fantasy Inc as a Distributor and fill out the Distributor Application and Kit Request. You'll then need to purchase either of the three starter kits at the following prices: Base Starter Kit at $250 plus $18 shipping, Premier Starter Kit at $450 with $25 shipping, or Special Starter Kit at $150 with $13 shipping.


The Hostess Rewards Program allows you to earn in several ways. For instance, if your show will gather $300 in total retail sales, you will earn $45 as Hostess Reward Bonus and $25 as Original Show Date Bonus, for a total of $70 in Hostess Rewards Bucks. For the same amount of retail sales, you'll be entitled to 1 item that you can purchase at half of its retail price, and an additional 15 percent as a buying discount. The higher retail sales your party will generate, the higher rewards you'll get. Other perks include a free gift for every 10 orders made, and, if one of your guests will book for her own show at your party, you'll receive a $25 certificate that you can use to purchase at that booked show.


From hosting lingerie parties, you can become a Fantasy, Inc. Distributor and earn 40 percent of your retail sales and not worry about quotas. You'll also be given free leads and will have the opportunity to earn more through Fantasy Inc.'s recruitment program.

Is It for You?

If you are 21 years or older, fun loving and have plenty of girlfriends, then you can be a good Fantasy Inc Hostess. As a Distributor, you will need to put up the amount needed for the starter kit, have some spare time to attend home parties assigned or booked to you, and be able to promote Fantasy Inc's line of products at that home party.

Noteworthy Information

Fantasy Inc. does home shows to couples, all-ladies group or mixed gender groups, but they do not do men-only shows at this time.


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