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Family Stress Management Tips for Entrepreneurs


When becoming an entrepreneur, it is important to maintain family stress management. At times, your family will become stressed because of your business, and you will become stressed from your family. It is important for you and your family to know how to relieve stress to keep your family intact, before having to meet with family counselors.

Exercise Open Communication

When you begin the planning process of your business, let your family know that you are planning on starting your own business. Explain what the business will require from you physically, mentally and emotionally. Ask them if they will be supportive of you during the first few months of your business, as that will be the most stressful time for you.

Listen to their feedback and communicate openly about the business. Not only will this let them know how you are going to be feeling, it lets them know that they are still important to you, and that their thoughts and opinions will still be weighed into your decisions.

Separate Your Work from Your Family

When you begin your new business, you will acquire work-related stress. As a work-at-home mom, you may begin to associate your work with the home environment, and therefore view your home as a stressful place. If possible, have your work area be in a separate room or an area that you usually do not inhabit with your family.

Make a conscious effort to not mix your business and your family. As a work-at-home mom, this can be difficult, as you also have to raise your kids. If your kids are not yet at a school age, work during naptime. If your kids are awake while you must work, set up a play area near your office so that they can still feel near you, and you can watch them (but also work). Do not take your work-related stress out on your kids.

Set Aside Time

At the beginning of your business venture, you may feel so overwhelmed because of your work, that you end up spending less and less time with your family. If you see this happening continually, separate your time between work and family. Your work is important to you, but your family is more important.

If you see that you have not spent very much time with your family, make a specific time to spend with them and plan something special. Tell them that you have set aside this time, and make sure that you follow through and spend that time with them. Your family will appreciate the effort, and will likely be more apt to help you in any way they can with your business (because they know that you still want to spend time with them).

Family Counseling

If things do not get any better, you may want to consider family counseling. Find a therapist who understands family issues and business issues, and let them help you through your difficult times.

When opening your business, things may get rough for awhile, but keep a clear head and you will get through the stress.

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