Eurekahire: A WAHM Business Guide


The following business guide will help you find out what Eurekahire is all about--the company vision, their processes and how to get the most out of their services. As an online staffing agency, Eurekahire acts as a third party provided for people who are looking for online jobs. The agency focuses on four qualities that set them apart from other third party job providers; these qualities include transparency, quality, respect and integrity. It looks for potential candidates and matches their abilities and skills to clients who contact Eurekahire as well. To be able to do this efficiently and to live up to the company's promise of 24-hour feedback to clients, it posts online jobs such as interview schedulers, resume reviewers, client services managers and contact recruiters.

Starting Out

The four-step hiring process at Eurekahire includes creating an account on its website, uploading a resume, answering a quick set of questions that will help the company determine the most suitable job for you, a 15-minute skills test and a 20-minute video conference interview. During the conference interview, you will be interviewed by one of the staff members and you will have the chance to show that you are perfect for the job you are applying for. You can also talk about your employment history, relevant accomplishments and job expectations.


Rates vary depending on the job you are looking for as a client. Interview prices usually range from $20 to $50 per interview; these prices also depend on the length of the entire video conference and the technical skills required. A standard 15-minute interview is usually pegged at $25. It already includes usage of the site's technology platform, appointment scheduling and video hosting/storage. The rates mentioned above are from a client's viewpoint.


As a work-at-home mom, one of the positions you can apply for is the position interview scheduler. An interview scheduler can work from home and is responsible for qualifying, contacting and scheduling potential employees to interview for client endorsements. The more potential candidates you contact, the likelihood of being successful as an interview scheduler. However, you have to keep in mind that oftentimes quality matters more than quantity.

Is It for You?

Most of the positions to be filled at Eurekahire require the employee to make around 30 to 50 outbound calls to potential candidates, ask them questions based on a written script, and should be able to follow the prescribed Eureka documentation process.

Additional skills required include excellent multitasking skills, enthusiasm, and being a fast learner and detailed oriented. The company also prefers those who are knowledgeable in the recruiting and staffing industry. One should be computer literate too, with knowledge of web browsers, SEO and Microsoft Office.

Noteworthy Information

The good thing about Eurekahire is the company informs right away. It is very well know that you do not want to be kept in the dark; the company aims to get back to candidates within 24 hours right after completing the application process. It also values integrity. The staff will tell you right away that you didn't get the job and will give the necessary feedback why you didn't.

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