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Entertaining at Home: A WAHM's Guide


Entertaining at Home provides a creative and exciting way to work from home. In an era where people search for fun and inexpensive forms of entertainment, this is the perfect solution. Created by Bill and Robin Shaw in May 2006, Entertaining at Home is a party planning business and has more and more members joining every year. With Entertaining at Home, you act as a consultant and host parties so that your friends and family can relax and shop from the beautiful products that Entertaining at Home has to offer.


It is very easy to become a consultant for Entertaining at Home. Simply register online at their website and order their Product Showcase kit, which costs $199. The Product Showcase kit products do vary, but obviously the contents enclosed will "showcase" their best products. Their products include over 250 items, everything from functional kitchen tools to beautiful serving pieces. You will receive your starter kit in 5-7 days, and then you will be able to host your first Entertaining at Home party.


When you host an Entertaining at Home event, the direct sales is where consultants profit the most. You will receive 25% commission on your customer's orders.  It is considered to be one the highest commission percentages in the party planning and direct sales industry. Depending on how many products are bought at your parties, you could really make this a full-time job. There are other incentives consultants can receive, such as: $50 worth of gas, a new iPhone or a GPS navigation system, just to name a few of them. Once you are an established consultant, you can then add members under your team and earn even more and receive more incentives as well. Essentially, what you earn is left up to you! 


With many people entertaining their friends and family more at home, there are many opportunities to host Entertaining at Home parties.  Everyone is always looking for ways to improve their home and make their gatherings extra special. With Entertaining at Home products, it makes it easy for a consultant to display the importance, beauty and functionality of the products. Therefore, the ease of presentation then results in more and more sales for the consultant.

Is It for You?

As a consultant for Entertaining at Home, ideally you should be passionate about hosting events and sharing entertainment tips with your customers. Showing them how easy it is to host simple, yet elegant events at home would be a main factor. Being able to host Entertaining at Home events anytime allows you to be extremely flexible with your schedule, allowing you to focus on your family's needs first. Ideally, most parties would be hosted in the evening; you could host them on weekends or during the day as a special event for stay-at-home parents. 

As you can see, Entertaining at Home allows you to own your company and allows you to be in control. You can work as little or as much as you want, in turn determining how much or how little you wish to earn. Being a direct sales company, Entertaining at Home is an ideal opportunity for stay at home parents.

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