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Effective Home-Based Marketing Techniques for Your Yoga Business


An at home yoga business is a great option for a stay at home mom or any other yoga practitioner. With a few easy courses on how to lead a yoga session and some experience doing yoga yourself, you can quickly begin to organize your own yoga studio. The fact that you'll set your own hours and manage your own classes and fees makes this an ideal job for a wahm. However, it's important that you be proactive in marketing your yoga studio so that you have a steady client base and, in turn, that you can make a profit off of your work. Read on for some effective home-based marketing tips for your yoga business.

1. Newspaper Ads

Although some people find them old-fashioned, newspaper ads are nonetheless some of the most effective means of marketing your home business still to this day. Many local newspapers offer a cheap and competitive rate to take out an advertisement. Do something to spice up your ad so that it gets noticed; if you can afford a larger ad, take some time and put thought into the design in order to make sure that you have an attractive advertisement which really represents your studio. Include a picture, if possible, as well as information on your rates and how to contact you. You can even include a client testimonial for added benefit.

2. Radio Ads

Radio ads tend to be a bit more expensive than newspaper ads, but they give you the chance to introduce yourself and to speak on behalf of your company. Be sure to target the audience that you think will be most likely to respond to your yoga ads when you select which radio station to choose.

3. Posters

For a low-cost marketing option, look for different bulletin boards and other opportunities to post flyers or posters in your area. Many yoga-related companies or other stores in your area may be willing to place a poster or a flyer or to hold other information about your yoga studio on a door or window. Don't be afraid to ask politely for permission to post a flyer.

4. Discount Packages

If you're looking to draw in some new clients, offer a discount package for people who sign up as new customers. This is a great way of drawing in customers who are already potentially interested in your yoga studio. You can also offer an incentive to return customers by giving them a discounted rate as well; this will help to ensure that you have a steady clientele that keeps coming back for more training.

5. Word of Mouth

It's important also to not forget that word of mouth is a very effective means of advertising your yoga business. Tell all of your friends about your studio, and ask them to tell all of their friends as well. Getting a buzz in your community going is a great way to increase your business.

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