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Do You Need Professional Virtual Assistant Training or Certification?


Though virtual assistant training is not a legal requirement, to be successful as a virtual assistant you will need to be able prove your skills to your clients. In keeping with the virtual aspect of the business, many training and certification programs are offered online.

What is Virtual Assistant Training?

In many ways, virtual assistant training is actually business training. Most training programs offer mentoring services to help you define your area of expertise as a virtual assistant and training courses to further your knowledge in these areas. In addition, training programs also help you write your business plan, determine your target market and come up with strategies for promoting your business. Certainly these are all necessary steps to being a successful virtual assistant, but something that many people can do on their own with some Internet research.

Do You Need Virtual Assistant Training?

Virtual assistant training courses are a good place for the beginning entrepreneur to start. If you've never been in business for yourself, then a training program is a valuable tool for defining your goals and deciding what kinds of virtual assistant jobs you are qualified to perform. It also can't hurt to add that you've taken virtual training courses to your resume. However, if you are already working as a virtual assistant or have done freelance work in the past, you may want to move right into certification.

What is Virtual Assistant Certification?

Virtual assistant certification is offered through certification companies and professional organizations and helps establish your credibility. The type of certification you receive is based on a combination of your skills, experience and education. Because the accreditation process sets the industry standards for quality and ethics in virtual assistant jobs, obtaining a certificate is like having proof that you are up-to-date on these industry standards. 

Do You Need Virtual Assistant Certification?

Whether you are just starting out or have years of experience, certification is an important step in your career as a virtual assistant. Like a college degree, having a virtual assistant certificate shows your potential clients and employers that an accredited institution has signed off on your abilities to competently perform your job. Better than having a degree, though, certification programs base your certification on your current skills and prior experience, as well as your knowledge of industry standards and continuing education courses, so your real-life experience actually counts!

When deciding whether or not to obtain virtual assistant training and certification, consider what you already know about the business. If you are adept at writing business plans and marketing your business, then you may choose a training course that only focuses on continuing education to expand your skill set. On the other hand, virtual assistant certification is a valuable asset to any virtual assistant, as it adds credibility to your resume. There are many options available online for both virtual assistant training and certification, so ask yourself which options best fit your profile and your pocketbook.

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