Creative Memories: A WAHM's Guide


Creative Memories helps you preserve your most spectacular photos and memoirs. It offers quality products like scrapbooks, photo albums, photo books and digital scrapbooking tools. Creative Memories products are exclusively sold by independent Creative Memories Consultants. 

Creative Memories uses the direct sales method of bringing the products to the consumers. Since there are independent sales consultants who serve as distribution channels, retail outlets are eliminated. As a Creative Memories Consultant, you can choose your schedule and therefore you can shape a business life that fits your lifestyle. You shall spend most of your time at Photo Solutions Parties, where you will share quick and easy solutions on how to display photos into the photo albums. 

Starting Out

Creative Memories Consultants receive plenty of direction from an up-line consultant on how to get started. Contact Creative Memories to help you find a consultant nearest you. Upon purchase of the consultant kit, you can start your business venture with acquaintances and begin holding Photo Solutions Parties right away. The lead up-line consultant and fellow team members will provide you with constant training and insights in building a successful Creative Memories business.

Creative Memories business grants you the choice of your schedule and the number of hours you are available for work. Thirty to 45% of every product sold will be earned by the consultant. 


Creative Memories consultants are required to have minimum cumulative retail sales of $500 in a three-month consecutive period to maintain their consultant status. Consultants can order products by accessing the consultant-only website directly from Creative Memories. While the customer pays the full amount for the product, the consultant pays 30% less than the suggested retail price. The commission check shall be issued to the consultant reflecting the percentage earnings.

Creative Memories consultants can sell the products through their own personal web sites as well as on Most often, however, products are sold at host-sponsored parties. The party host invites acquaintances to a Photo Solutions Party, where a Creative Memories consultant displays the Creative Memories products. The consultant then shows the guests the quick and easy way of getting photos into beautiful photo albums and displays. Creative Memories does not just offer quality products, but home-based opportunities to earn as well. When the event sales reach $250 or more, the host receives a 15 percent privilege in free products. The host can also enjoy the monthly host specials when sales would reach $400 or more. 


Additional income may be earned by building a team. Monthly earnings grow upon becoming a leader. Team Leaders can earn up to 50% in addition to the income earned through product sales. As a Creative Memories consultant, your income may be increased by earning product certificates and rebates. Overall, retail product sales give 30% profit, $50 product certificates redeemable through CMOnline, constant rebates, consultant's potential monthly earnings, leader rebates and leader's potential monthly earnings.

Is It for You?

If you have a desire to have a home-based business and wish to determine your work hours and schedule, then Creative Memories is the business for you. Whether you have no sales experience or plenty, selling Creative Memories is easy. Simply show others how to celebrate and share their stories and photos with Photo Solutions Products.

Noteworthy Information

Creative Memories products are not sold in store but sold exclusively by independent consultants.

Creative Memories Consultants can purchase additional kits online. The Basic Completion Kit is $100, but with the consultant 30% discount, it will only cost $70. The Enhance Completion Kit is $185, but for the consultant it is only $129.

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