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Copywriting Tips to Help Market Your Work-at-Home Business


Starting a work at home business is a complex process. Aside from writing a business plan and securing a loan, new entrepreneurs need to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of advertising copy.

As a beneficial way to promote a new business, copywriting can communicate the purpose behind an entrepreneur's creative vision. Copywriting is a form of writing that promotes a business and the ideas and strategies behind it. Copy, although written for various forms of the media, does not apply to newspaper or magazine articles. It is more specifically used in settings that can be used to sell a work-at-home business to customers. That being said, copywriters are often used to create stimulating web content which helps a new online home business get the word out for very little money. Carefully selected words can heighten a customer's experience and pique their curiosity about an online home business, driving interest in a product or service.

Tip 1: Know Details Which are Beneficial to the Business

Specific details that help a business with marketing are:

  • Benefits of using a product or service
  • A personal story that a customer can relate to
  • Statistics and measurable proof that adds credibility to a product or service
  • An offer to improve the customer's quality of life 


Tip 2: Target a Specific Audience

Knowing what the target demographic is for the product you are advertising can help you write copy which appeals to that audience. For example, a middle-aged and educated person would likely be more drawn in by an authoratative and professional tone, while teenagers might prefer more informal copy with references to pop culture.

Tip 3: Know How to Market

When writing copy, you should make the product desireable by doing 2 things:

  • highlighting the features of the product
  • overcoming any objections that the buyer may have


To do the latter, play "Devil's Advocate" and make a list of all the reasons you can think of why you would not buy the product. Then, respond to those objections and either fix the problems or make them out to be inconsequential.

Tip 4: Keep Promises

Honesty is refreshing, so don't promise something that the product won't fulfill. It's silly to say something like "Buy this lunchbox and your marriage will be saved," for instance. Keep promises reasonable and relevant to the product, and don't make outrageous claims.

Tip 5: Write for Your Product Category

Depending on the item you are promoting, write accordingly as described below.

    • Luxury Goods: The copy for this type of product tends to be long to accommodate the specifics in terms of price, benefits and appearance.
    • Convenience Products: Requires little effort to write because of the high demand for product. Short in length, copy is precise and to the point.
    • Unsought Goods: Unaware of how necessary a product or service is in terms of their life, customers require more information about the businesses that sell these types of unsought items. Copy length is normally long for these products.
    • Competitively Priced Products: Due to the nature of this type of product, copy ranges in length from medium to long. Trying to sell the best points about a business is hard to do with short copy because of the competition. Other business owners or storefronts may offer the same item for a lower price, thus defeating the use of copy altogether.


    Specifically targeting search engines, SEO copywriting allows customers to find text according to keywords and phrases. A direct approach to marketing, specialists in the field never seem to run out of work. Writing copy for some of the best known companies in the world, SEO copywriters can make a substantial income helping an online home business get the recognition that it deserves.

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