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Convert a Hobby to Cash with Freelance Photography Jobs

Lots of those who are building a business as a work-at-home mom do so with freelance photography jobs that they find fun and rewarding (and that they can do along with taking care of kids or completing home projects). In modern times, when so much of business is done on a contract basis, freelance photography is becoming a popular way to supplement income. For a talented digital photo taker, a little work can generate some financial rewards.

Looking Down All Avenues

Moms who want to build their small photo business into a career will want to look at how to expand from a small client base to a larger one. The key is in recognizing a range of opportunities that will help a small business entrepreneur to make more money with photography while operating informally out of a home office.

One potential gold mine for freelance photography is event photography, especially weddings. Freelancers looking to expand their services can draw on their friend base or local community connections, to offer quality wedding photo services at rates far below some of the pumped-up bills that pros charge. Young couples who want good shots without professional market cost will many times be happy to employ a friend or other hobbyist to shoot their wedding. But event photography doesn't stop with weddings. Look for other community events where you can get on a payroll as an attending photographer.

Another avenue that freelancers shouldn't overlook is print sales. Magazines and periodicals need photos. Editors often invest in the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" and some of them will pay good money for useful visuals. Stock photography is another way to branch out in a budding freelance photography career.

Know the Competition

Even work-at-home moms who have been in the photography game for awhile need to know what they're up against when it comes to growing their customer base. Those who are offering freelance services in small home business formats are usually competing with skilled pros that have been on the job for years. These old hands may be aggressive about territory if their client base is drying up. It will be tough to market additional photography services if the market in your community is saturated.

The key is to work cheap and to try to avoid any kind of "ad wars" with local pros. For those who are truly into taking photos, working a little cheaper should be okay. As new advertising photo businesses build portfolios, they can begin to up rates. Continuing education might not be a bad idea, or consider an investment in advanced technology that will allow the startup to offer, and bill, more.

All of this, plus a competent advertising strategy and good networking, can yield the kinds of freelance photography jobs that will help work-at-home moms turn a single client or occasional project into a steady flow of business. The going may be slow at first, but for those who truly invest in this kind of side business, doors can open over time that lead to ongoing, solid and fulfilling work.

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