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Car Safety Essentials for Infants


Car safety is of utmost importance when you drive around a speed of 65miles per hour. Here are some tips that would make your journey tension free and ensure that your children are safe at the same time.

General Tips

Never seat any child facing the front seat directly or any other seat where there is an airbag. The inflating bag can harm, or even kill a baby.   Infants must always be positioned rear facing, at least till the age of 12 months.

Infants need to be placed in safety seats, there are two basic types. One being the infant-only seat, which is small and comes with carrying handles, it is used only for travelling for infants weighing from 22 pounds to 32 pounds. The other one being the convertible seat, which can be used as a rear facing or a front facing seat.  The advantage of this seat is that it can be used for bigger babies, as its upper limit for height and weight is greater. Also it can be used for a longer period of time as it can be used in two ways.

Equipment Tips

  • Read the owner's manual thoroughly.
  • Read the vehicles owner's manual, to understand how the seatbelts function.
  • Contact the manufacturer for details about the built in equipment.

Other Important Equipments

Latch is an instrument used to install a car seat, it usually makes the installation process simpler. Tethers are straps that prevent the top of a car seat from moving forward in a crash.  They enable car seats to improve stability and meet stricter standards.

Newborn Babies

For premature or very small infants a car bed or infant seat with low or no minimum weight limit is advisable.

Children under 12 Months of Age

Babies are not supposed to be held by another person. The person's arms will not be strong enough to hold the baby in an accident. According to rules, babies falling in this category need an approved child restraint, this is applicable to almost all vehicles exempting a few such as taxis.

Children from 12 Months Onwards

Children in this age group also need a car seat, however a forward facing seat would be safe once the child has reached the maximum height and weight limits stated by the manufacturer. There are many front facing options from which the parent can choose his  

There are numerous types of car safety seats that can be used forward-facing. Forward-facing toddler seats--they are for children that weigh between 40 to 80 pounds. Built-in seats-- these are built in the vehicle itself. The usage of these seats would vary from vehicle to vehicle. The parent will need to contact the manufacturer for further details. Travel vests--these have the longest usage period and can be worn by babies ranging from 20 to 168 pounds.

Driving with you're baby is a splendid experience and it will fill your life with everlasting memories. That's why you need to take additional precautions so that the million dollar smile on your baby's face lasts for more than just a lifetime.

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