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Better Late than Never: Why it's Okay to be a Late Bloomer


Are you doing something that you love to do in your career? If not, do you worry that your opportunities are gone forever? If you're still breathing, it's never too late to make a change. By high school, most of my close friends had their career goals figured out. I didn't. In fact, I didn't really get a feel for what I really wanted to do until I hit my thirties.

Stop Making Excuses

I think a lot of people have this epiphany at a time in which they already have a mortgage, a spouse, kids and several excuses why they "can't make a change". They think they have security in that corporate job with a 401k, so they stick it out in misery. Let's not forget those "secure" jobs in the last several years, well, haven't been so secure after all.

Change Your Life-Style

What do you have to lose? Let's think of a worst case scenario for a moment. What if you gave up your big fancy home and dinners out 3 times a week in exchange for happiness? Do you really need that weekly mani-pedi? Can you sell some things, downgrade your car or work out at home versus that gym membership? Give up the "stuff". That's not where your happiness is. What would you do if you could do anything at all? Would you write children's books? Paint? Coach people on how to become better spouses, parents or business owners? Think big. Would that dream be worth giving up a few luxuries temporarily?

Can You Afford Not To

Our society sometimes sees a mid-life career change as a sign of failure. I'm from the camp who says that dreading your workday and sounding like Eeyore is a sign of failure. Erase "I can't" from your vocabulary. Sometimes our misery is a direct result of unfulfilled dreams, hopes and wishes. There is no such thing as too late and sometimes you have to do something that you hate in order to find and appreciate something that you love. That tip applies in all areas of life--marriage, careers, living situations and the like. Rainbows are much brighter against a gray sky.

The Journey Really Is the Reward

In my quest for a life fulfilled, I feel like the dead-end jobs, stupid projects and misplaced careers all led to where I am today--in a business that truly makes me happy. It's like everything that I ever did up to this point groomed me for greatness. Even if you are miserable now, know that it's not forever if you don't let it be forever. Be happy where you are but work on where you are going. There are lessons to be learned right now. Find the good in everything. Making a career change can't be a negative thing if it makes you feel alive inside. If you're still breathing, it's never too late to make a change.


About the author: Amy Stewart-Wright is an 80' music listening, WAH rockin', outdoor loving, Moxie Momma who lives in North Carolina with her husband and 4 kids. Her dream and passion is to inspire thousands of women to find their passions and live their happiest life.

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