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Becoming an At Home Typist: What You Should Know


There are many advantages to working from home as an at home typist. If you can type quickly and accurately, you can enjoy working from home with flexible hours. You will be able to work full-time or part-time, depending on your needs, and you can choose which hours you work.

What You Will Need To Type From Home

You will need a computer and a high-speed internet connection with email and an internet browser for your work at home business. You will be responsible for reporting your own taxes, so you might also need help from a tax accountant or C.P.A.

Investigate Before You Pay Up Front Fees

To get started as a work from home typist, you can find many companies on the internet that offer training. However, some of them will require you to pay hundreds of dollars in up front fees for training and membership in exchange for work assignments (after you are fully trained). They will promise to train you to type specific types of documents and to fill in data entry from home.

Things to Watch Out For

Be cautious about paying money to companies that promise continued work for you. While some companies that charge membership fees are legitimate, some of them are scammers. Some fraudulent companies have been known to collect training and membership fees from people up front, and then vanish.

While some businesses that require membership or training fees are legitimate, it still pays to be cautious. As they train more and more typists, the work you need might or might not really be available. You might be on your own to find the work you've been trained to do. Looking for work might take more time than you expect, and you won't earn very much money.

To make sure a company that offers at home typing jobs is legitimate, follow these precautions:

    1. Be sure the company has published its contact information. The company's telephone number and email address should be published on their website. Write the company's contact information down for future reference. Call and send an email to the company to make sure the company answers or responds so you will know that the email address and telephone number are real.
    2. Research the company. Look up the company's history, check their status with Consumer Reports, or check with the Federal Trade Commission to find out if the company has been reported as fraudulent. Do not give your social security number or any financial information out before you have confirmed that the company is legitimate and legal.
    3. Check for a privacy policy. Make sure the company that is promising type at home work has published their privacy policy so they will not forward or sell your personal information to other businesses. 


      If you do your research and find lucrative at home typist work that is legitimate, make sure you are as dependable and responsive as you would be with any employer. And enjoy the convenience of working from home.

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