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Beauty Society: A WAHM Business Guide


Beauty Society is an excellent WAHM business. This skincare company is favorable to women who are looking for high quality but affordable products. This direct selling business caters to those who would like to take care of their skin and share their great experience with the products through building their own business. This gives hope to other women around the world through Women for Women International. Beauty Society is a promising business opportunity in today's wellness conscious society.

Starting Out

You can begin your business journey with the purchase of a kit. Two kits are available to choose from: the Basic Business Kit priced at $129 or the Professional Business Kit priced at $229. Each kit includes a Diva Handbook and DVD to let you in on the basic information of the company and what you need to know to fuel your business as well. A variety of products are also included for you to start using on your way to beautiful skin. You even have your own website to promote your business to your customers and to your future business partners.


Being a Beauty Society Diva gives you two ways to earn: selling the products and inviting women to become divas. Retailing products will earn you a 25 to 50 percent commission. When you invite women onto your team to become business partners, then you will also earn commission from that, as well as commissions from the women that they will eventually invite and so on. Being active in this, aside from hosting parties, will give you more treats like free products, free gifts and more discounts.


When you sign up as a diva, you can upgrade your kit within 30 days to get more impressive products at only $99. Since the business offers a universal compensation plan, not limiting your team to only two, your earning capacity can also be limitless. This will not only give you commissions but other incentives as well. You can get cruise trips and trips to fashion week providing you opportunities to really be a diva.

Is It for You?

If you are looking for a sideline business that will enhance your salesmanship but at the same time enjoying being a woman, then this business opportunity is perfect for you. You don't just improve your beauty with the products but you will have a great return for your money. As a member, you purchase products at wholesale price and sell them on retail price. It is best to join trainings to equip you with proper knowledge on the products and the right way to sell them.

Noteworthy Information

Beauty Society is not like the usual MLM business that focuses on helping divas to become successful business owners. It also helps underprivileged women in countries torn by war. As they say, beauty is not just skin deep. With Beauty Society, you do not only do business because you want to have beautiful skin, but you will also have the chance to help other women enjoy the same great skin and help them achieve their dreams through presenting to them an opportunity to practice financial freedom.

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