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Basic Skills Needed to Find Your First Telecommuting Job


Getting a telecommuting job is great for a new mom who wants to be able to work from home. In fact, these kinds of situations are on the rise in America, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. But getting into a "work at home mom situation" with telecommuting opportunities involves some necessary skills and hard work. The key to landing your first telecommuting gig is a mix of chance and diligence. Here are some of the best skills to have for getting into this changing job market.

Technical Skills

Lots of work-at-home opportunities require specialized skills like proofreading and editing skills, accounting skills, or anything else that falls into a "words and numbers" skill category. Being "good with words" or "good with numbers" is going to boost your chances of getting noticed in a job world that relies on the flow of data, which is a main part of the telecommuting job sector.

Computer Skills

Lots of work-at-home moms won't get far without some essential computer skills. That's because most of the telecommuting opportunities that companies offer require deal with some common IT tools. The most basic computer skills are being email and web site savvy, having word processing experience, and being familiar with spreadsheets or presentation tools. Beyond that, any knowledge of web design or remote server technology is almost sure to help out at some point in the job hunt. Knowing about computers allows work-at-home moms more expertise about the tools that they use to do their jobs.

Soft Skills

Not all telecommuters put the right amount of emphasis on what some call "soft skills" - in general, this refers to sales ability, general customer service skill, and basically being "good with people." Even though in telecommuting roles, work-at-home moms might not see people face-to-face, they may do a lot of emailing and phone calls, where their soft skills or social skills are bound to shine through.

Organization and Time Management Skills

Likewise, many work-at-home moms will not get far without having good basic time management and the ability to organize their business opportunities. Basic home office organization is key to competing in today's remote job world, and having these abilities will take freelancers and telecommuters a long way toward success.

Bidding and Estimating Skills

Just like a physical contractor, a telecommuting work-at-home mom will often need to know how to bid on projects. That's because in the remote job sector, employers often pay by the project. Often, estimating a telecommuting job is a simple time versus money equation, but providing for extras like formatting, estimating jobs can get more complex. Moms who work at home will often build the skills over time when they have secured jobs using the other abilities and competencies listed above.

All of these will help you land those work-at-home opportunities that help so many women balance work and family life.

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