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Back to School: How to Fit Weekend School into Your Schedule

Deciding to go back to school to attend weekend school will take organization and perseverance. Many people use their weekends to catch up on errands, sleep and to socialize with friends and family. Deciding to go to weekend school will cut into these activities, but it needn't be uncomfortable. Here is how you can fit weekend school into your schedule:

Step 1: Inform Friends, Family and Partner

Ensure that everyone you know is aware of your plans. Enlist their support and explain that you are embarking upon a new educational goal to better your life. Having the support of family, friends and your partner can be instrumental in your success.

Step 2: Consolidate Activities

Make a list of all of the things that you normally do on the weekends. Create a list of essential activities that must be done. Initiate a timeline on how to accomplish them. Ask for help from family members wherever possible. Delegate any activity that you can to someone else. Eliminate all tasks that are not necessary. Make an additional list for "Raining Day Projects" for those things that can wait. Put time-sensitive items on a calendar so that they can be monitored and don't get forgotten about. Group shopping and errands into convenient time periods when you are already out and about or in a specific area.

Step 3: Just Say No

Get in the habit of declining weekend invitations for social events. This may be necessary for other times, too, since you will need that time for homework and other responsibilities to attend to. After you have informed people of your educational plans, most will understand that you have a commitment. Keep in contact with people via email rather than using the phone to save time. Let people know of your progress so that you don't fall out of touch with friends and family.

Step 4: Update Your Schedule

Develop and keep to a schedule to accomplish everything you need to get done within a week. Keep the schedule within your view and check it regularly. Put every activity that you are normally required to do on the schedule. Be realistic with time requirements. Include those tasks which have been delegated so that you can track them.

Step 5: Eliminate Clutter

Clutter is distracting and prohibits good time management. Have a space delegated for everything so that you can keep focused. Keep only those things you use regularly in view. Place items in storage, donate them or get rid of whatever is not needed. The better your space is organized, the more at ease you will feel about taking time for weekened classes.

Step 6: Take Time for Yourself

Just because you have decided to attend weekend school, it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice time for relaxing. Instead, shift it to another time. Arrange to have time for yourself when family members, partners or children are away. Encourage kids to have play dates with others. Use the evenings to indulge in the things you like to do. By rearranging your schedule, you can accomplish everything you normally do and still have time for yourself. Rest and relaxation is every bit as important as any other activity you will do.

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