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Avoid Being Overwhelmed by the Duties of Motherhood


No one can deny that the duties of motherhood can be overwhelming. Chasing kids, pickups and drop offs are a workload in themselves. Add to that being a small business owner, and you are the one crying over something spilled (and it's likely your coffee). However, you can work from home successfully and handle the overload that comes with motherhood- without becoming overwhelmed.

Set Business and Baby Goals

Having realistic goals for your business is vital to its success. We all start off with great aspirations and sometimes fall a bit short. However, it's more likely that you will have to make some business goal changes when you have small children. If you are new to motherhood and a seasoned small business owner, you may have had a way of doing things and now motherhood is throwing you off. If you are a work from home mother who is a new small business owner, you may struggle with getting things going. It can be frustrating, but you have to make a few alterations.

Your business is important and you should continue to treat it that way. If you need to change your business hours, then do so. If you have to take on fewer clients, then do that too. Be sure not to overwork yourself, as you will need that energy to keep up with the kids. It may sound funny, but make sure you "pencil" them in everyday. It can be as simple as reading to them during your lunch hour. You may be your own boss now, but remember, your baby needs you more than your boss does.

Get a Mother's Helper

It's okay to admit you need help, especially when you work from home. That's where the wonderful mother's helper comes in. You don't have to spend a ton of money on childcare, and you don't even have to have the help every day. Have you ever had your husband or someone else watch the baby or kids so that you could take a short nap? Think about how refreshed you felt afterwards. Well, that is how refreshed your business will feel once you give yourself a break from balancing the small business owner role and motherhood and truly focus on your business. A mother's helper can be a friend that you swap childcare with a few days a week, your husband when he gets home from work, or a neighbor's teen-aged child. When it comes to motherhood and business matters, a little help goes a long way.

Take Time Out for You

Your business and your baby may be your life, but it's important to take time out for you. Have an off day when you get out of the home office and the home and do something just for you.

Realizing that motherhood changes not only your general life, but your business life as well, is the first step towards making smart business and parenting choices. Yes, you can manage the two, but admitting you need a hand to handle it all doesn't make you any less of an awesome mother or fabulous small business owner!

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