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At-Home Career Idea: Give Foreign Language Lessons Online


A great at-home career idea is becoming an online foreign language tutor. If you've mastered other languages aside from your native language, you might be interested in becoming an online tutor teaching a foreign language. However, aside from having sufficient knowledge of the language, dedication and patience are also prerequisites if you want to teach a foreign language at home.

If you are interested in giving out foreign language lessons online while enjoying the comforts of your own home, follow the tips listed below.

Get the Proper Credentials

You might encounter a certain degree of difficulty as an online foreign language teacher if you don't have the proper credentials. You don't have to be necessarily a degree holder of the foreign language you're teaching; having a certificate to prove that you are fluent in the language will do. There are several online courses and programs that can assist you in getting certified--one good example is the International Teach English as a Foreign Language. 

Learn Basic Marketing Skills

Just like any other business, establishing a foreign language business opportunity requires knowledge of basic marketing skills. You need to put yourself out there, thus acquiring skills and knowledge in areas like sales, networking, advertising and accounting.

Find out who your specific target market is and come up with an upfront sales pitch that will help you attract this target client base. You can advertise your services in forums and social networking sites where most of your prospective clients log in; you can even visit websites that cater to foreign exchange students.

Familiarize Yourself with the Figures

Find out about the range of industry rates; how much do most online foreign language teachers get for their services. Keep in mind that you may have to lower your fees if you're new in the industry. However, you can increase your rate as you build credibility and hone your skills through experience. You can choose to charge your students on an hourly basis or by letting them pay a course fee that covers a certain number of teaching sessions.

Formulate a Lesson Plan

You need to have a plan; you may have to formulate specific goals for each student. Each student is unique; you may have to assess his skill levels before deciding which route to take in teaching a certain student. Focus on each student's need and find out what his strengths and weaknesses are.

Focus on Shortcuts

Since you are teaching online, you don't have to follow the entire steps of a certain module. Formality may not be a requirement, but you might want to make it conversational and casual with your students. Look for shortcuts that will assist you in teaching the language to your students in a fun, easier and interesting manner.

Have the Passion

It doesn't really matter if you're very fluent in the language you're planning to teach; the love for teaching precedes all the things mentioned above. You must have the confidence and should have the desire to impart your knowledge to students. If you're the shy and aloof type, teaching a foreign language at home may not be for you.

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