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Are You Afraid You Can't Advance Your Career by Working at Home?

By keeping communication lines open, attending formal and informal office events often, and using self-reviews to your advantage, your telecommuting position won't mark you as the "forgotten employee."
A woman stands among her colleagues.

Whether you are telecommuting or working at home full-time, advancing your career may be a concern for you. You may feel isolated from the talk of new positions or departmental changes by not being around all the time. Perhaps more importantly, you may feel unnoticed for the promotion if you are not present in the office.

Technology Will Help Get You Ahead

More often than not, the telecommuter is able to increase their availability and virtual connections through technology. By using technology to your advantage, your managers will see that you are reliable, consistent and can manage multiple communication channels at once – which showcases your organizational skills.

Make yourself available through as many channels as you can including email, instant messaging, Skype or other video chat outlets, and cell phone calls. If you have the trust of your supervisor and colleagues, you will build relationships regardless of where your office is located.

Don’t Be the ‘Forgotten Employee’

Pop into the office every once in a while to make yourself known and present. Don’t just show up for the big meetings, either. Make a point of coming to the casual gatherings such as birthdays or holiday parties. This way you can be a part of the casual conversations, which is when the discussions of position changes and office gossip usually happen.

Do Whatever It Takes

Telecommuting sometimes means you are working more than the typical 9 to 5 job, which is a downside of working from home, but this can certainly work in your favor when it comes to advancing your career. Managers will think you are going the extra mile for your job and doing whatever it takes to get the job done – even if it means cutting into personal time. The employees that leave the office when the clock strikes 5 pm are sometimes looked at in a negative way.

Make Self-Reviews and Appraisals Work in Your Favor

Each year when you have to do your self-appraisal for your job, be sure to make note of your commitment and dedication to your job while telecommuting. Talk about working long hours, returning emails and phone calls promptly, attending important meetings or “non-required” casual events, and certainly mention any measurements that increased as a part of your job.

Do whatever you can throughout the year to make your presence known in the office even though you are not there each and every day. Go above and beyond to make a name for yourself and the rewards will follow.

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