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Advice for New Parents of Adopted Children


Advice for new parents of adopted children is needed after the long adoption process is complete. The change can be overwhelming for parents and children alike. There are a few simple things you can do to make that process easier.

Be Prepared

You know enough about the child you are adopting to be prepared for at least a few days. No matter the child's age, the first few days will be a little crazy. Try to anticipate the needs your child will have and plan some activities to get to know him and keep him busy. Have basic supplies as well as a variety of foods that your child can choose from. Cancel any plans that may be stressful or cause him to be nervous.

Set Rules and Boundaries

You are the parent and your adopted child should understand that immediately. Kids need rules and consistency. Setting rules and expectations will help him get to know you and establish some boundaries. It may also help to give him a schedule of weekly events and fun nights to help him get into a routine.

Be Honest

Experts agree that being honest with your child about the situation is the best adoption advice available. Talk honestly with the child and let him see your emotions. Encourage him to open up to you and express his feelings of anger, sadness or grief. He needs someone who is open and listens to what he says. Establishing a line of open communication with your child will build your relationship and resolve problems.

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