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A Short Guide to Business Grants for Women


Starting a small business can be costly, so obtaining a grant is an added bonus. Business grants for women are offered by the government, as well as other organizations, many of which aren't that well known about. It can be a challenge to find the appropriate kind of grant for your business, however, with some useful information, it can be a little easier to do so. The reality is that women can be just as successful, if not more so than men when it comes to running a business. This has become more evident as more women begin to desire to own businesses and the government and more companies are offering alternatives in the form of grants to help them achieve their goals in that regard.

SBA Government Grants

The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a resource that provides many financial assistance program resources for women. The SBA showcases a network of Women's Business Centers (WBCs) in the United States with information about grant funding opportunities. The SBA's resources explain where grants might be obtained, as well as offering data on the complex process of grant applications. The SBA itself does not fund the grants, however, their resources are legitimate and that can save time in terms of researching grant funding opportunities. Sometimes there are special circumstances that can assist in being considered for a grant, such as being over 65, having had bad credit or being a minority.

Womens' Finance

The Womens' Finance website offers information about two types of grants. One grant ranges from between $1,000 and $5,000. The other is a New Business grant that amounts from $100 to $5,000. It is necessary to apply at the website in order to be considered.

Ladies Club 2000

The Ladies Club 2000 requires sign up and membership which is free of charge. After that, you can access the grant information they offer and discover how to become qualified for grants. In addition, the website details where to find some grants with an eye toward starting and growing your small business.

Women Owned

The Woman Owned website is specifically designed to assist and empower women to start small businesses. The website offers approximately ten websites that routinely offer grants to women.

Paid Grant Funding Search Services

There are some paid grant funding search services, however, before doing business with any of them, thoroughly check them out with the BBB before signing up.

The bottom line is that there are hundreds to thousands of grant opportunities for women who want to start small businesses such as those involving consulting of all kinds, crafts, financial services like brokerage firms, entertainment services and companies that offer many other diverse kinds of products and services.

It may take some time to find one, but once a grant is secured it can make all the difference in terms of being in a position to open and develop your small business. The organizations described above are just some of the many options offered to women to help find small business grants. Perseverance is the key to finding the financial help you need, to achieve your goals and start your small business.

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