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Working From Home - Have YOU Got What It Takes?

Working from home requires a strong sense of discipline, accountability, and determination.

by Lucy Cole-Radice

Have you got the YOU factor to work from home?

Making the decision to move away from traditional forms of employment to work from home and take sole responsibility for personal income is one that more and more people are choosing for various reasons.

This article will help you determine whether or not such a business option is for you.

With the emergence of network marketing as a viable home based business option to counter traditional business, it is little wonder that many believe they are qualified for success that network marketing systems offer.

Currently, network marketing annual sales are nearing $20 billion in the US alone with approximately 8 million people distributing such products. According to Mark and Renee Yarnell in their book Your First Year In Network Marketing 95% of those who survive 10 years in network marketing become wealthy beyond their wildest expectations. Becoming a successful distributor, which can lead to such rewards, is not merely a process of just signing up. Sadly, many quit in their first year.

Working from home is a business decision that can literally change your life if you are prepared to do what it takes to survive in such an industry.

The beauty of your own network marketing distributorship is that although you are in business for yourself, you are never in business by yourself. The mentoring systems set in place by all successful network marketing companies ensures that everyone is supported throughout the training process and during the life of their business.

It is however, important to understand that it is up to the individual to take responsibility for their own training and skill levels not their mentor. The faster you train yourself and achieve the necessary skills the faster the growth of your business.

Based on this premise, there are many who believe that success is about luck. In this business, success is not only what you wish for but rather what you work for.

Before you make a decision to become involved in your own home business, there are a number of qualities or YOU factors that have been identified as keys to success in the network marketing industry.

1. Adaptable to Change do you welcome change in your life?
2. Life Long Learner are you open to learning new skills?
3. Good Communicator do you enjoy communicating with people?
4. Loyalty are you able to commit to the companys products and regular trainings?
5. Realistic Goal Setter do you understand that building a successful business takes time (years)?
6. Perseverance are you able to remain consistent and persistent at working to build your business?
7. Leadership do you enjoy helping others to succeed?
8. Accepts Personal Growth are you prepared to take on personal development?
9. Team Player do you understand that success in network marketing is a team approach?
10. Self Sufficient are you willing to continually invest money back into your business?
11. Independent/ Self Starter are you able to follow instructions and work at tasks on your own without supervision?
12. Problem Solver are you able to ask questions to clarify areas of your business that you dont understand?
13. Time Manager are you able to appropriate the amount of time to your business that is commensurate with your commitment eg. full or part time?
14. Self Belief/Motivation when your business confidence is low (which there will be times) are you able to take stock and move forward rather than quit?

If you feel that you have qualified yourself for the above keys to success then working from home based business in the network marketing industry might be the vehicle for the financial and/or time rewards experienced by many who have made the decision to take control of their future and ride it all the way to the top.

Lucy Cole-Radice is currently operating her own successful affiliate internet based 60 Minute Money Home business from home. She is a business mentor to others who wish to run their own home-based business. For information on your own 60 Minute Money Home business go to

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