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Successful People Account for Their Money

by Amber Grady

James Cash Penney a.k.a. J.C. Penney said, "Only the disciplined are free."

Successful people know where they spend their money and keep account of
it. They know the value of watching their pennies to create and keep their
millions. You can empower yourself and your business by knowing how
much you have and where you spend it.

  1. Track your spending. Record financial transactions no matter how small.
  2. Search for and ask for discounts when appropriate. Many types of
    discounts are available. Often all you have to do is ask.
  3. Obtain receipts and examine them for accuracy.
  4. Write a category on each of your receipts to simplify your bookkeeping
    and track your spending.
  5. Establish an accounting system. Develop a simple, systematic approach
    for dealing with financial matters and related paperwork. Pick a day and
    time each week to work on financial matters-from bill paying to studying
  6. Keep important documents for tax purposes and for future needs.
  7. Balance your account(s) to the penny and reconcile them with your bank
  8. Check all bills, statements, and invoices for accuracy.
  9. Know the fees your service providers charge.
  10. Make a financial inventory list: banks, insurance, investments, assets
    (include account numbers) and advisor contact information.

Your personal and business success is directly related to your financial

Excerpt from Money Success 127 Ways to Make it Happen for You!

Amber Grady specializes in organizing finances, and is the creator of My Money Manager Kit, "A Bookkeeping System That Puts Paper in Its Place" and author of Money Success 127 Ways to Make It Happen for You! tip booklet. Email [email protected], Website

Money Success 127 Ways to Make It Happen for You! tip booklet featured in April 2003 Home Business Magazine.

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