Stay Focused or Die

By R.Daniels

The Internet is a strange world: one that's full of contradictions. With just one click of your mouse, you can instantly transmit a salesletter to thousands of people, anywhere on the planet... and at no cost to yourself. On the surface, it's a direct marketer's dream, but in spite of the apparent advantages of all this technology, 95% of all e-business startups never show a profit.

One of the major reasons for this is really very simple.

____________Lack of Focus.__________________

Picture yourself standing just inside the front gate of the world's largest flea market... spread over thousands of acres. Within this noisy, un-mapped maze of booths and stalls are all the business resources on the planet.

The good news is... Literally EVERYTHING necessary to your success is offered in this huge bazaar. The knowledge... the e-commerce tools... and access to a global market for the products you want to sell... they're all here.

But there's also bad news... While it's true that everything you DO need is here, it's mixed in with everything you DON'T need. So many distractions with information literally coming at you from all sides.It's an overload situation!

The Key is Stay Focused.

Decide what you want to accomplish and how BEFORE you go on line. Write it down and check off each item as you go. Then you can begin to accomplish your goal : Promoting your own site or posting your own ads. Success is out there for you so Go and Get It!

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