Star Charts


by Dionna Sanchez

Star Charts have to be one of the best motivational tools a parent can use. Star Charts or Reward Charts are commonly used for potty training, bed wetting, chores and personal hygiene. They can also be used for character qualities, homework, special activities or events and even TV/Nintendo/Computer time.

All you do is create a chart with columns. Make a list of what items need to be done and decide how long you want the chart to continue. It can be a week, month or even longer depending on the goal and the age of the child. When the child has accomplished each item - they get a star for the day. You can draw a star in the box or let them put a sticker there.

The idea is that your child is working for a goal. When they reach the end if they have the allotted number of stars, they get a designated reward. It can be a gift, toy or a certain function they want to attend. The chart motivates your child and eases the responsibility off of your shoulders onto their own. Hopefully, whatever the focus of the chart has been, will become a habit to them before completion. Star Charts are marvelously simple in theory yet so often forgotten. The next time you find yourself battling with your child over an issue - try a Star Chart.

Dionna Sanchez works on motivating her children at home and other mothers at Emphasis On Moms;

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