Have you ever been in this situation? Work is piling up on your desk, the kids are asking what's for dinner, hubby will be home in a short time and there is still no aroma emanating from the kitchen stove? What to do, what to do? Fast food? Something quick from the freezer?

Why not give your family a delicious, healthy home cooked meal that is ready to serve at dinnertime without spending an hour or more in the kitchen. You can do just this with a wonderful little invention called the Crock Pot. Not only will using a crock pot save you time in the kitchen, it will save you money. It uses very little electricity and many times a whole meal can be cooked in it without using any other pots, pans or cooking appliances. And at about $15-30 for a crock pot, you can't beat it.

My favorite thing about the crock pot is you can throw your stuff in in the morning time and forget about it. If you have to leave for the day, you can come home to a delicious meal that is ready when you are. Take the most hectic time of the day and do something else with it. Spend some quality time with the kids, go for a walk or just take some mommy time for yourself. Crock pot cooking is so simple and your family will thank you for the great meal.

Happy Crocking,
"The Crock Pot Queen"

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