Poems by moms, for moms
"The Internet Junkie"

Grab my coffee, start my day,
click online and I'm away.

Open my Inbox, check my mail.
full of ads that "Just Can't Fail"!
Get rich quick, make your site sell,
get rich quick can Go to He_ _!

Sounds so great, I must hear more,
even though I've heard it all before.
Yeah you've got me, hook - line & sinker
guess its why my bank balance
.....keeps getting pinker.

Go to your sites, read those trackers,
hope like hell there's been no hackers.
You admire your work, you think you're a hero,
until you discover you new hits are zero.

Downlines, uplines, links galore,
search engines, FFA's and so much more!
There's so much to learn, so much to see,
have to take a break....I gotta go "P"!

Now that I'm back, I just have to say,
its good you can't see me, its better that way.
My hair is a mess, my clothes are in tatters,
aren't you glad, none of this matters!

The hours is late, your vision is blurred,
time to admit it, you need to be cured.
Just one more ad, it can't wait til later
I'm just glad I downloaded "gator".

My family they miss me,
they think I'm mislead.
Mostly they want to see,
more than the back of my head!

I know that I'm SMART
I'm nobody's FLUNKY
I'm what you call an

Kerry Ann

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