Moms in the News

by Cheryl Demas

Have my children been watching the news? Have they left their Pokemon fantasyland? This conversation confused me:

"You can't leave them in the day care center for too long. They will be mad at you when you finally pick them up."

"I know, when they're raised by someone else, they won't listen to you anymore."

"What are you two talking about?" I asked. "Day care and children?"

My six-year-old daughter answered. "No, Pokemon. You can't leave your Pokemon in the day care center for too long, it's really hard to train them if you do."

Apparently there's an area in her Pokemon game where she can leave her Pokemon if she has too many to carry. But as my daughter has learned, she can't leave her Pokemon there for too long, or they will think she doesn't care about them.

The recent study regarding day care and aggression in children has been featured on all the news programs this week. The story is typically introduced as bad news for working parents. Why isn't this introduced as good news for stay-at-home parents?

The study suggests that mothers and children have a special, very important relationship. That seems so obvious, is it really news?

Politicians jump on the bandwagon and announce that they will create more day care regulations and more childcare tax benefits. Please, if you really want to help me, instead of making it easier for me to leave my children, make it easier for me to stay home with them.

Time with mom is one of the greaest gifts we can give our children. So why do we only celebrate this important job for just one Sunday in May? When did it become politically correct to suggest that mothers aren't necessary?

Even Pokemon trainers know better than that.

Cheryl is the founder and publisher of She lives and works at her home in California with her husband and two daughters. She is also the author of The Work-at-Home Mom's Guide to Home Business"

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